How to grow Cuostralee tomato?


How to Grow Cuostralee Tomato – Cuostralee is a French beefsteak heirloom tomato. The plant is fully capable of producing persistently high yields.

The fruits are ribbed, meaty, red in color, and average around four inches across. The fruits weigh between two and three pounds each.


Beefsteak: how to grow Cuostralee heirloom tomatoes
Growing beefsteak Cuostralee tomatoes



The flavor is said to be particularly rich, sweet and tangy.

The plant is indeterminate.

The fruit is perfect for slicing, for sandwiches, and for salads.

Cuostralee tomato plants grow plenty of dense foliage. In turn, this helps to provide sun protection for the very large-sized fruits.

Staking or heavy trellising is required in large part because of the large-sized fruits.

K-Brands tomato cages are a good option for tomato plant staking. Support is up to 72 inches so these tomato supports are plenty high enough for taller, indeterminate tomato plants.


K-Brands Tomato Cages for Golden Jubilee tomato

K-Brands Tomato Cage



And don’t forget your tomato plant tie-ins. The Velcro adjustable plant ties are reusable, gentle on the plant stem, and a great price.

best tomato support ties

Velcro Adjustable Gentle Tomato Plant Ties




Depending on your location, you may have to wait until late September/ October before the fruits are ready for harvesting – 85 days for fruits to mature.

The plants demonstrate a high level of resistance to disease and to drought.

What are Cuostralee tomatoes good for?


Whether raw or cooked, Cuostralee tomatoes are suited to many uses, including sandwiches, fresh salads, salsas, and consuming when freshly picked from the plant.

The fruit can be cooked in stews and sauces.

Further, Cuostralee tomatoes are good for stuffing, for making puree and pastes, and for drying.


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