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10ft Trampoline with Enclosure – At Skywalker Trampolines, safety is the #1 priority. With the patented trampoline enclosure there are no gaps between the jumping surface and the enclosure net. 

All of the trampolines that Skywalker Trampolines sell are tested in terms of their safety and their durability. All products meet or exceed standards set by ASTM International. 

In all, there are 64 steel springs (5.5 inches long) around the enclosure net’s exterior. Each spring has a rust-resistant coating. The enclosure system comprises upright foam-padded poles. This provides stability for the trampoline.

Within the enclosure net, you’ll find a dual zipper and clip closure system for added safety. 

The 10ft Skywalker Round Trampoline has a 59 square foot jumping surface. 

There are four different colors to choose from: blue, green, purple, and red. 

The trampoline frame comes with a 3-year limited warranty while all other materials attract a 1-year limited warranty. 

With its 10-foot diameter measurements, the Skywalker Round Trampoline fits nicely inside almost any yard and almost any play area. 

The trampoline has a heavy gauged steel framework and safety features that are top of the line. 

The frame assembly utilizes T-sockets at every frame joint. All T-sockets are welded in place for added reinforcement. 

The enclosure has a zipper entrance which is further enhanced by a button-hole mechanism. This ensures that trampoline users will never fall out. 

The UV-resistant frame pad offers extra padding and comfort with its 1-inch thick foam infill. 

Weight limit for the Skywalker 10ft Round Trampoline: 175 lbs.

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10 foot trampoline with enclosure



Skywalker 10 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker 10-Foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure FAQs


How high is the Skywalker 10-ft round trampoline off the ground?

30 inches above ground level.



Is the Skywalker 10ft trampoline suitable for an uneven surface?

No. It must be located on an even surface. Otherwise, there will be a compromise to the trampoline’s structure.



Does the spring tightening tool come with the trampoline or does it have to be purchased separately?

The spring tightening tool comes with the trampoline.



Can you do flips on the Skywalker 10ft trampoline?

Yes, it’s possible. It’s a little tight for flips but if you’re careful it’s doable.



Is the Skywalker 10 foot trampoline easy to take down for storage in the winter?

Yes. It will likely take around 45 minutes to disassemble the trampoline.



How much space is required around the exterior of the Skywalker 10-foot trampoline?

It is recommended that you provide a minimum of 2 feet around the exterior of the trampoline for safe usage. Thus a 12-foot diameter area would be minimum.



Is it the frame of the Skywalker 10ft trampoline that is 10 feet in diameter or the jumping mat?

The frame of the trampoline is 10-ft in diameter.



How much clearance is required above the skywalker 10-foot trampoline?

It is recommended to give a minimum of 10 feet of clearance above the height of the jumping mat.



How many people can jump on the trampoline at the same time?

It is recommended that the trampoline is for a single user. However, many people do report that three kids can safely play on the trampoline simultaneously.



Does the 10ft Skywalker Round Trampoline need wind stakes to keep it steady?

It is advisable to invest in wind stakes, yes. Unfortunately, wind stakes do not come with the trampoline. These ones are ideal though:

10 foot trampoline with enclosure
 Skywalker Trampoline Wind Stakes – 4 Pack




How many poles are included with the Skywalker Round 10FT Trampoline WITH ENCLOSURE?

Four poles in all.



How large is the Skywalker 10 foot trampoline jumping mat in terms of diameter?

The jumping mat is 8.5 feet in diameter.



What is the total height of the Skywalker Round 10ft trampoline from the ground up?

From the ground up the total height of the Skywalker 10ft trampoline is 106.46 inches.



Can the 10foot Skywalker Trampoline be positioned on concrete?

It can but it is highly advisable to place the trampoline on top of rubber matting as a precaution:


Foam mats for trampoline
Foam mats for beneath trampoline


 EVA Interlocking Foam Tiles



What is the height of the Skywalker 10 foot trampoline net?

The net alone is 72.9 inches in height. 

The trampoline’s overall height is 81.2 inches. 



Is it wise to use the expert assembly service available when you buy the Skywalker 10ft round trampoline?

You can but it’s not necessary. This trampoline is very easy to assemble and comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.


What safety certificates does the Skywalker Round 10 foot trampoline WITH ENCLOSURE have?

The Skywalker Trampoline has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability by ASTM International.



What is the Skywalker Trampoline Customer Service contact telephone number?

Skywalker Trampolines Customer Service: 1-866-603-5867.



Is it necessary to store the Skywalker Round 10-foot trampoline over winter?

Not entirely. It’s wise to remove the enclosure netting and the poles and store those. Otherwise, Skywalker Trampolines do sell a weather cover that can be used to protect the jumping mat, etc. However, the closest weather cover size they offer is 12ft diameter:

Skywalker weather cover for trampoline - 10 foot trampoline with enclosure
Skywalker Trampolines weather cover for round trampolines

Skywalker Trampoline Weather Cover



Are all metal parts of the Skywalker 10 foot Trampoline WITH ENCLOSURE made from galvanized steel?

Yes, all parts are galvanized steel. 


Kids' trampoline 10 feet round

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