I’ve written a lot on this blog about tomatoes.

I’ve written a lot on this blog more specifically about how to grow tomatoes. After all, this is a gardening blog. So, makes sense, right?

Thing is, in a sense of the word, when you write a lot about something, or when you do something a lot, in the eyes of many, that makes you an all-round expert.

For example, I spend a lot of time on the computer (yeah, I am a pro writer – not that you would believe it if you read the content of this blog). And that, to many people, because I’m on the laptop a whole lot, then I’m an expert at computers.

Could not be further from the truth!

I try to explain, time and again, “No, I don’t know how to use MS Exel to make a spreadsheet for your business expenses” or, “I can’t set up a home computer network for you. I haven’t got a clue.

Folks don’t believe me. They think I’m just not willing to help. They think I must know because I’m on the laptop a lot.

Same can be said if mother-in-law was to ask, “Hey, Joe. What’s the best tomato for making a sauce?

Hmmm… I really have no idea.

But you’re a tomato expert. You grow your own tomatoes. You write about tomatoes. You must know!

Truth is, I do know a lot about tomatoes. But I’m no cook.

So, truth is, I really don’t know what the best tomato for making sauces is.


I can find out.

And I can find out by asking real experts who have used tomatoes for making sauces over and over and over.


And that’s what this article is all about.

In this article, you’re going to hear what expert cooks and gardeners (that know more than I do about tomatoes used for sauces) from around the globe have to say about their own favorite tomato for sauces.

Further, these expert cooks are going to tell you exactly why they prefer that particular tomato for making sauces over any other. After all, there are literally thousands of tomato varieties and cultivars to choose from.

Take it away, experts…



So, what is the best tomato for sauce?

Here are the opinions of a variety of top foodies from around the world.


Meet Christina Cucina, (rewrite this to make unique – a Scottish Italian cook living in Los Angeles, Christina is usually cooking, baking or (cr)eating something scrumptious. When she isn’t in the kitchen, she loves to travel, near and far, as long as good food is involved. Christina is on a mission to save authentic Italian dishes from extinction, and is constantly promoting Scottish (and British) food as some of the best cuisine the world has to offer—one steak pie and sticky toffee pudding at a time.)

Christina is of Italian descendency on mom’s side. Plus, she works her own cooking (and travel) blog at https://www.christinascucina.com/. So she knows a thing or two about tomatoes! Her father, like me, is Scottish. We Scots don’t really do too well growing tomatoes in Scotland, unless when grown in a greenhouse. In Scotland, we’re more about haggis, tatties, neeps, and men wearing skirts 🙂

If you want to know how NOT to make a tomato sauce, then read this: https://www.christinascucina.com/the-biggest-how-to-fail-of-how-to-make/

If you want to know HOW to make an excellent Italian tomato sauce, read this on Christina’s blog: https://www.christinascucina.com/authentic-quick-italian-tomato-sauce/

So, what, in your opinion, is the best tomato (or tomatoes) for making tomato sauce, Christina?




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