What are the best chainsaw safety boots in 2022? What are the best chainsaw boots for climbing?

I’ll tackle both of these questions here in this review of the best chainsaw safety boots on the market today. 


When you’re using a chainsaw it just won’t do to don any old footwear. Rather, you need protection, you need comfort, and you need stability.

Once you’ve figured out what your boots will be used for – besides working your chainsaw – you can then figure out what features you’ll need your boots to possess. That way, you’ll get the right chainsaw boots. 


Best boots for chainsaw use


How is Chainsaw Clothing Safety Rating Ranked?

Chainsaw safety clothing – not only safety boots – is highly recommended. It can make a huge difference – potentially a difference between being alive or being dead. 

To make things a bit more straightforward, chainsaw safety clothing has a rating system. This system is determined by chainsaw speed. Chainsaw safety clothing is tested by chainsaw speed and thus is given a rating based on the findings. 

With chainsaw safety clothing, including boots, safety ratings are classed from Class 0 through to Class 3. Class 0 being the least protective, Class 3 the most protective. 

Before you purchase chainsaw safety boots you should find out the speed of your chainsaw. 

The general rule for each safety class goes like this:

(m/s denotes the chain speed in meters per second)

Class 0: protection up to 16 m/s 

Class 1: protection up to 20 m/s

Class 2: protection up to 24 m/s

Class 3: protection up to 28 m/s


Needless to say, all the boots reviewed here meet or exceed Class 0 safety standards.

What to Think About When Choosing a Chainsaw Safety Boot

Type of Work

Will you be walking a lot? Will the terrain underfoot be particularly rugged? Or, is it a matter of felling trees and chopping up lumber on a level surface in landscaped gardens?


When your boots are exposed to tree sap, sawdust, grass, mud, and other forms of grime, they can quickly deteriorate if they are not quality footwear. Plus, there’s no doubt that your chainsaw safety boots will become dirty in no time at all. 

Some chainsaw boot brands are machine washable. Others, however, require sponge cleaning. 

Then there are some boots on the market that come with replaceable parts. Is that something you would benefit from?


You’ll need a chainsaw boot that is durable if you’re going to be doing plenty of walking and climbing. The boots you choose should come with quality stitchwork. Plus, it ought to go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning – chainsaw boots have to be plenty comfortable to wear for long periods. 


Dependent on brand and depending also on quality, chainsaw safety boots come with a variety of features that are rarely found on other types of footwear. 

Among these features:

Resistance to bending



Steel toecaps

Insoles that are moisture-absorbing

Kevlar lining

Rubber soles


Toe Cap

The toe cap is, for obvious reasons, the most important aspect of a chainsaw boot (other than for cutting when up the tree). Indeed, the steel casing at the toe-box area of the boot can increase overall weight. But you get the all-important shielding aspect. 

These days the toe cap of many work boots are made using different materials. Key among those materials are composite and alloy. Alloy is lightweight but it’s not quite as protective. Composites are also lightweight and they do provide reasonable protection. 



You’d think that with a higher-priced pair of chainsaw boots you’d get better durability, additional safety features, a higher level of safety, and overall better quality. That, though, is not always the case.




Best Chainsaw Safety Boots


Viking Footwear Bushwacker Class 3 Waterproof Steel Toe Boot


reviews of best chainsaw boots

Viking Footwear Bushwacker Class 3 Boot



The Viking Footwear Bushwacker Steel Toe Boot is 100% rubber. The boot is compatible with ice studs. There’s a nylon cuff that keeps debris out. 

The NBR lug sole is oil-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant. The heel is air-cushioned and there’s ankle, Achilles tendon, and metatarsal protection. This helps to reduce incidents such as ankle-rollover. 

The boots are available in one color only: orange/navy. 

The Viking Bushwacker has been made with the professional arborist in mind. 

CSA Z195-14 “Green Fir Tree” chainsaw protection; Class 3 chainsaw protection (highest class – Class 3: 28m/sec chainsaw speed), CSA Z195-14 / ASTM F2413-11 Grade 1 Steel toe and plate.


Viking Footwear Bushwacker Pros and Cons



Completely waterproof.

Plenty of protection around the ankle and toes area.

Soles are oil, abrasion, chemical resistant.

Cushioned heel. 

Nylon cuff prevents debris from entering the boot.

Compatibility with ice studs.

Impressive lineup of safety certifications and meets the highest safety standard – Class 3 level of protection.



Only two sizes available: 6 and 12.

Fairly costly. 




New Oregon Safety Chainsaw Forestry Boots (Class 1 & Class 3)


best chainsaw boots

New Oregon Safety Chainsaw Boots



Make sure that if you do decide to invest in the New Oregon chainsaw safety boot that you get the boot with the right sole. Why do I say that? There are four different options available with this boot: three lug-sole boots and one caulked sole.

What is ‘caulked’ sole? Spiked – suitable for climbing. 

What is ‘lug’ sole? No spikes and not suited to climbing. Has a highly rugged sole for the ground. 

There are only two sizes available – size 8 and size 14. 

The boot has a CE Class 3 rating which is the highest rating for chainsaw use. It also has a CSA Z195.02 ”Green Tree“ chain saw protection rating. 

Do note that the steel toe plate has a Class 1 rating. 

The lug and caulked sole is slip-, chemical-, and nitrite oil resistant. 

The New Oregon Forestry Boots’ construction means you get good protection for the ankle, Achilles tendon, and metatarsal. The leather uppers are lace-up style. The exterior area that surrounds the feet is made from nylon which is waterproof. The sole is rubber. Inner lining is cotton canvas.

Color: black/orange. 


New Oregon Chainsaw Forestry Boots Pros and Cons



Amazingly affordable!

Two choices of sole – lugged or caulked. 

Caulked sole is ideal for tree climbing. 

Completely waterproof.

Plenty of protection around the ankle and toes area.

Soles are oil, slip, chemical resistant.

Class 3 and Class 1 level of protection.



Only two sizes available: 8 and 14.




Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot (Class 1 & Class 3)


review of the best chainsaw boots

Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot


The Viking Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot is 16 inches in height. It has a slip-on, snug-fit design together with an ergonomic insole. There’s an optional (sold separately) felt-type insole if you need to adjust the fit. 

Available sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

The boot is highly chemical resistant. It also has a flame retardant upper made in rubber. In fact, the entire boot exterior is rubber and is thus 100% waterproof. 

The backstay at the rear of the heel area is reinforced to protect the heel tendon. Numerous layers of polyaramide provide shin impact, metatarsal, and chainsaw protection. The shaft of the boot is likewise polyaramide lined. 

The midleg and ankle areas are pad-protected for additional support. 

The top opening (where you put your foot inside) measures approximately 18.25 inches around.  At the top (as you’d expect) you’ll find heavy-duty rubber pull straps.

It’s a very flexible boot and exceeds 305,000 flex rating.

Color: yellow/black.

There are an array of safety certificates:

NFPA: 1971 – 2013 protective footwear for structural fire fighting

NFPA: 1992 – 2012 liquid splash-protective against hazardous material emergencies

CSA Z195-14 / ASTM F2413-11 Grade 1 Steel toe and plate

CSA Z195-14 “Green Fir Tree” chainsaw protection – Chainsaw Protection Class 3

CSA Omega – Electric shock resistant 18kV

The Viking FR Boot is ideal for forest fire workers, firefighters, and for anyone who utilizes a chainsaw. 


Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot Pros and Cons



Completely waterproof.

Plenty of protection around the ankle and toes area.

Soles are oil, slip, chemical resistant.

Class 3 and Class 1 level of protection.

Many sizes available. 



Rather costly. 




Best Chainsaw Safety Boots – Husqvarna 544027941 Rubber Loggers Boots


Husqvarna chainsaw safety boots

Husqvarna Logger Boots


The Husqvarna chainsaw boots are, as you’d expect, chainsaw resistant. This resistance meets OSHA regulation 1910.266.

The steel toe cap is in line with CSA and ANSI standards – ANSI Z41-1999 I/75 C/75.

The boots are made from natural rubber which makes them 100% waterproof. Inner lining is cotton pile. 

There’s an ankle guard, heel grip, and an oil-resistant rubber sole. 

Four-layer insole comes with the boots for proper fitting. 

Liners and caulks are available but are optional extras. 

The Husqvarna chainsaw boots are available in US sizes 8.5 through 15.5 and in European sizes from 41 through 50. 



Husqvarna 544027941 Rubber Loggers Boots Pros and Cons



Completely waterproof.

Good price considering the boots are sold by Husqvarna.

Plenty of protection around the ankle and toes area.

Soles are oil resistant.

OSHA regulation 1910.266 chainsaw resistant.

Steel toe cap CSA & ANSI standards resistant.

Many sizes available. 





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