What is Golden Jubilee tomato good for?

The ‘Golden Jubilee’ tomato cultivar is perfect for adding to salads.

It can likewise be canned or juiced.

The indeterminate cultivar ‘Golden Jubilee’ is also an excellent medium-sized beefsteak tomato for salsas.

The skin is easy to peel off, even without cooking the fruit.


How to Grow Golden Jubilee Tomato

Golden Jubilee Tomato


Some Other Tomato Facts

The ‘Golden Jubilee’ heirloom tomato cultivar is meaty and globe-shaped.

The beautiful golden-orangey-yellow fruits come with thick walls, a low acidity, and a nicely sweet flavor.

From start to finish, the yellow Jubilee tomato takes around 75 – 80 days to ripen.



Health Benefits of Golden Jubilee Heirloom Tomatoes

Yellow-colored tomatoes, as a general rule, host plenty of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pigment, and in this case, it gives the tomato the orangey-yellow color.

What’s more is that beta-carotene helps to neutralize free radicals. That’s a good thing for us, as free radicals can cause cell damage in our bodies.

Further, ‘Golden Jubilee’, or any orangey-yellow colored tomato, packs in the vitamin C.

Yellow-colored tomatoes have extra folate and niacin in comparison to other tomato species, while tomatoes in general enjoy a healthy level of potassium – potassium being important for the regulation of blood pressure, for muscular control, and for nerve function.




Planting and Growing Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

Just as you would expect with all tomato species, ‘Golden Jubilee’ heirlooms requires plenty of sunshine to ripen.

They do best in a nutrient-rich, well-drained soil.

Be sure to plant your ‘Jubilee’ heirlooms deeply – by all means bury as much as two-thirds of the stem. This is to encourage more roots to develop, which, in turn, provides for a stronger, more healthy plant – a plant that, typically, produces more fruit.

Plant spacing should be anything between 18 inches and 36 inches.


Given that the ‘Golden Jubilee’ heirloom tomato plant is indeterminate, it grows with vigor, and as such, requires strong support.

Gardener’s Supply tomato stacking ladders are a good option for tomato plant staking. Support is between 22 inches and 78 inches so these tomato supports are plenty high enough for taller, indeterminate tomato plants.


K-Brands Tomato Cages for Golden Jubilee tomato

K-Brands Tomato Stacking Ladders



And don’t forget your tomato plant tie-ins. The Velcro adjustable plant ties are reusable, gentle on the plant stem, and a great price.

best tomato support ties for Golden Jubilee Tomato

Velcro Adjustable Gentle Tomato Plant Ties



As is the case with all tomato varieties, ensure the growing medium is persistently moist and don’t be shy to utilize your chosen tomato fertilizer often.

A moist growing medium is critical and it will help in avoiding cracked fruits and reduce the opportunity for blossom-end rot to become a problem.

By all means mulch the surface of your growing medium, which will help to reduce water evaporation.

Keep a lookout for slugs and tomato hornworms.


Ripe ‘Golden Jubilee’ tomatoes will be dark yellow in color, and when gently squeezed, they will feel firm.


Some regular tomato growers advise adding eggshells to the soil. And I’m no different.

Why would you do that?

It’s because tomatoes are particularly susceptible to a disease referred to as blossom-end rot.

Blossom-end rot is believed to be caused by a lack of calcium.

As such, and given that eggshells are packed with calcium, and given that eggshells break down in the soil quickly, they make for a good organic addition to the planting medium.

But if you want to break your eggshells down much more quickly so the calcium becomes available to the plants faster, simply grind the shells until they are no more than a powder. Then add the ‘eggshell powder’ to the soil.




Harvesting the Tomatoes

These tomatoes continue to ripen after being harvested.

Once harvested, store ‘Golden Jubilee’ tomatoes indoors and at room temperature.

You should avoid placing them in the refrigerator.

A temperature below 55 degrees F will do more harm than good to your ‘Golden Jubilee’ tomatoes after harvesting in that the compounds that provide this heirloom tomato with flavor begin to break down.

It’s advisable to consume ‘Golden Jubilee’ tomatoes within about seven days of harvesting to enjoy full flavor and best nutritional benefits.


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