Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand – Rustic or Steel Finish – Available in 3 Sizes – 24″ Diameter, 30″ Diameter, & 34″ Diameter


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Enjoy this modern Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand and create lots of cozy memories with your family and friends.


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Made from a highly durable oxidized cast iron material to give the fire pit an antique-looking rustic appeal, this Sunnydaze rustic cast iron fire pit bowl will last for many years to come (please see tips below about how to prevent and cure cast iron fire pit rusting problems).



The cast iron fire pit bowl is easily transported with the handles on either side of the bowl. It’s available in 3 different diameters: 24-inch, 30-inch, and 34-inch.


Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand

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Whether you are simply enjoying a relaxing evening or you’re having a large get-together, the Sunnydaze rustic cast iron fire pit will more than satisfy your needs.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand

The heavy cast iron fire pit ships the same business day if it is ordered before 2 pm CST.

Arrives within 2-5 business days – free shipping in contiguous US.


Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand

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Sunnydaze Small Cast Iron Fire Pit Cauldron – At a Glance

• Outdoor real cast iron fire pit with rustic or steel design
• Heavy-duty oxidized cast iron construction
• Handles on each side for better portability
• Quick and easy assembly – assembly video is available

Color: Rust or Steel
Material: Cast Iron
Bowl Size: 24″ Diameter
Assembled: 24″ Dia x 14″ H
Bowl Depth: 5″
Weight: 22 lbs

30″ Bowl Size
Assembled: 30″ Dia x 15″ H
Bowl Depth: 6″
Weight: 28 lbs

34″ Bowl Size
Assembled: 34″ Dia x 16″ H
Bowl Depth: 9″
Weight: 35lbs

Power Source(s): Wood
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


How to Prevent a Cast Iron Fire Bowl From Rusting?

Keep the Fire Pit Clean and Dry

With regards to rust, water is undoubtedly the number one enemy. This is because oxygen in water molecules combine with the iron from the fire pit to create iron oxide. So, the lesson to learn here, do not leave your cast iron fire pit outdoors when the weather turns bad. And if you do wish to store it in an indoor environment that is humid – a basement, a garage, or a backyard shed, for example, it’s wise to have a dehumidifier to hand. 

Any kind of dirt that adheres to the surface of a cast-iron product will likely hold onto water. This is exactly why cast-iron products should be kept clean as much as possible.

Prevent Scratches

Any scratches or any cracks in cast iron fire bowls will expose more metal. These scratches and/or cracks will hold onto water. 

Apply A Protective Coating

Dipping cast iron products like fire bowls into a bluing solution that consists of water, potassium, and sodium hydroxide, affords the product with excellent corrosion resistance.

Commercially available rust prevention products – cloth wipes and aerosol sprays, for example, can likewise provide protection. 

Try BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication. Works like a treat!


How to Remove Rust From a Cast Iron Fire Pit – Regular Maintenance

Rust spreads fast, so it’s important, as soon as you see it, to scrape it off. Then, scrub your fire pit with warm water and soap and apply a metal conditioner or some other form of protective coating to prevent further oxidation.

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