Yes, it is possible to compost all your food waste. And, no, it’s not about adding meat, fish, or dairy products to your compost bin/ pile. At least not when they are fresh. You shouldn’t do that because it encourages vermin, including rats.

No longer do you have to throw all that leftover food and food scraps (is that one and the same thing?) into the little ‘trash’ bin that your local council has provided to you. You can now ‘optimise’ it – the leftovers – for plant food with no fear of attracting vermin.


Enter the Skaza Mind Your Eco Kitchen Composter.


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The concept behind the Skaza system is that, in tandem with something called Bokashi Organico which consists of organisms that pursue the breakdown process, it ferments and pickles the food waste and it does it pretty fast and it does it without any horrendous odors.

It’s the Bokashi Organico that works the composting magic.


Bokashi Organico


So, the Skaza is the composting bin (or bins in this case since you get two of them) and you simply add your food waste to the bin as you would do with a normal food-scraps bin received from your local authority.

The bins can be kept in your kitchen or outside. Either way, as mentioned, there’s none of the horrendous odors that food waste tends to give off. No odors, even in the hot summer months.

The Skaza system comprises a set of two bins. Once the first bin is full the contents should be ready to ferment. Leave the contents in the bin for two weeks for fermentation to occur. Meanwhile, use the second bin for continued food-waste collection.

After fermentation has occurred, simply dispose of the contents onto your compost pile or bury the contents into the ground. In around four weeks from this point, those contents are transformed into quality compost.

As you add contents to the composting bin, sprinkle a little Bokashi bran over the top. This starts the all-important fermenting process.


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Skaza Eco Kitchen Specifications and Features

Bin Dimensions: 39 cm high x 27 cm wide x 32 cm long.

Bin Capacity: 16 litres (4.2 gallons).

Bin Colour: Black and green.

Bin weight: 2 kg.

Bins made from 100% recycled plastic.

Skaza system set includes: Two composting bins with lids + drainage tap; 1 kg Bokashi Organico bran; two strainers; utensils for mashing; drain cup; user guide.


Skaza Eco Kitchen Pros and Cons


  • Optimal way to create rich plant compost from ANY food scraps, including fish, dairy products, meat.
  • Completely odor-free.


  • Not exactly cheap.



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