How to grow ‘Dixie Red’ tomato plants?

The Dixie Red tomato (as in the fruit), which is a hybrid tomato, takes approximately 85 days after transplanting before it’s ready to harvest. 


The plant caters to high yields of red fruit – the fruits being between eight and 12 ounces each. That’s a little over the size of a golf ball or thereabouts.


Dixie Red F1 hybrid fruit is ideal for salads, for slicing, for sandwiches, and also for canning.


The plant’s thick leaf density offers good sun protection for the fruit. The variety is heat-tolerant meaning that these tomato plants are suited to growing in warmer (and even ‘hotter’) climates. 


No pruning is required. In fact, pruning is not recommended for Dixie Red.


These F1 hybrid tomato plants set fruit easily, even in hot conditions.


This tomato plant is particularly resistant to the most common tomato plant diseases. That’s inclusive of the wilts – fusarium, spotted, and verticillium wilts, as well as to Alternaria stem canker, and gray leaf spot. 


While Dixie Red is suited to commercial tomato production in the southeast of the U.S., it’s also an ideal choice for home gardeners. Strangely, it’s not a particularly popular tomato among home growers, even though it really ought to be.


Is Dixie Red a determinate or indeterminate tomato? Dixie Red is a determinate tomato plant – relatively compact in nature.


How about this tomato plant’s height? What height do Dixie Red plants grow to? The plants grow to between 36 and 48 inches tall.


Plant spacing for Dixie Red is recommended at around 24 inches.




how to grow Dixie Red tomato plants
How do you grow Dixie Red tomatoes?




The flavor of Dixie Red tomatoes is excellent. It’s quite tart. As mentioned above, Dixie Red tomatoes, in part on account of the flavor, is an ideal tomato for adding to fresh salads, for slicing, for sandwiches, and for canning too. It’s quite the all-rounder really, is Dixie Red.

  • The tomato plant was only made available in 2014 (by Seminis which is part of the Vegetable Seed Division of Monsanto Company). Perhaps it’s just not had quite enough time to become more established among home tomato growers. Hopefully, that will change given more time. Dixie Red tomatoes (fruit and plants) definitely come with plenty of merits.  



  • Growing Dixie Red tomatoes. In this article, you can learn how to grow perfect Dixie Red tomatoes. Grow your tomatoes in containers, in grow bags, or outdoors in your vegetable plot.



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