Golden Boy Tomato – How to Grow

How do you grow the Golden Boy tomato cultivar?

Here are some key facts about this tomato plant and its fruits, just to make your mouth water:


      • ‘Golden Boy’ tomato plants grow to between 6 and 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4m) in height. As such, staking or caging is required unless you wish your plants to trail over the soil surface. 

On that note, K-Brands tomato cages are a good option for tomato plant staking/caging. Support is up to 72 inches so these tomato supports are plenty high enough for taller, indeterminate tomato plants, including ‘Golden Boy’.


K-Brands tomato cages - Golden Boy Tomato

K-Brands Tomato Cage



And don’t forget your tomato plant tie-ins. The Velcro adjustable plant ties are reusable, gentle on the plant stem, and a great price.



best tomato support ties

Velcro Adjustable Gentle Tomato Plant Ties



    • Your plant spacing should be approximately 24 to 36 inches apart (60-90cm).


    • It requires full sun to enjoy a full fruit crop.


    • ‘Golden Boy’ tomato plants do not set seed given that the flowers are sterile.



Growing 'Golden Boy' tomatoes. In this article, I list out pretty much all you need to know to have a very successful crop of 'Golden Boy' tomatoes. If you want to grow your 'Golden Boy' tomatoes indoors in containers or outdoors, you'll find out what you need to do in this post.



    • The fruits are standard in shape i.e. fairly round.


    • The fruits are medium-sized and weigh just less than 1 pound each.


    • The fruits mature in around 70 to 80 days.


    • The fruit color is golden.


how to grow Golden Boy tomatoes
Growing Golden Boy tomatoes



    • The fruits are excellent for salads and for consuming fresh.


    • ‘Golden Boy’ tomato plants have resistance to verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt. In fact, they have good overall resistance to disease.


    • The plants have an average water need, which means you should water frequently without overwatering. How do you tell if the plants are getting enough water or too much water? The simplest way is to put your fingers into the growing media. If it feels too moist it probably is. If it’s too dry you’ll soon see the leaves beginning to droop from lack of water. 


    • The plants grow well in U.S. Zones 3 through 9. May not do too well in Zone 10.


    • The ‘Golden Boy’ cultivar is capable of producing a copious supply of fruit throughout the growing season right through to October (depending on when the first frosts arrive).


    • If you are growing your ‘Golden Boy’ tomatoes outdoors, and if squirrels are a problem in your area, it has been noted that, for whatever reason, squirrels tend to make a beeline for ‘Golden Boy’ tomatoes over and above fruits of other tomato cultivars.


  • The fruits carry very few seeds and have a less acidic flavor than the vast majority of red tomatoes.


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