How do you grow green onions in water? Or how do you grow green onions from scraps (in water)?

One and the same thing.

And it’s ever so easy so it’s surprising how many of us buy fresh green onions every single time.

Let’s get something straightened out about green onions first of all.



Are green onions chives? Are chives and green onions the same?

No. Green onions are green onions. Chives are a herb. Green onions – also named spring onions, scallions, and bunching onions – are Allium fistulosum (sometimes, though not often, Allium cepa). Chives are from the same genus but are a different species of that genus – Allium schoenoprasum. Chives, for most people, have a flavor that’s a little grass-like. Green onions have varying flavors – flavors that are milder than onions.


When you purchase green onions from your local grocery store or the supermarket you get the leaves, you get the white-colored bulb, and you get the roots.

Most folks will snip off and use the leaves and toss out the bulb and the roots. Then, when more is required, back to the store for more.

Completely unnecessary!

You may as well grow your own green onions. And if you grow them in water it’s extremely simple, quick, and there’s no fussing around. Yes, green onions grow in water.



how to grow green onions in water




Prepping Green Onions to Grow in Water

Cut the top section of leaves off. These can be used in your food prep. So now you have green onions that are approximately 3-4 inches in height from root tip to where you chopped the green leaves.

Add one inch of tap water to a glass. Sit your prepped green onions in the glass. The water will cover the roots and the white bulb section.

Change the water frequently – every two to three days is fine.

Snip off the amount of green onion leaves that you require each time. Regrowth begins almost immediately so there’s a constant supply.

If you notice that the exterior white sheath (over the bulb section) becomes slimy, simply peel it off and dispatch to the compost.

When the roots grow longer than you wish, snip them to around one inch in length.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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