Luxano Large Bamboo Pizza Peel – 12″ Diameter

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With its unique shape, this beautiful natural organic bamboo pizza peel is your best choice to avoid sticking. With the Luxano Large Bamboo Pizza Peel, the pizza dough slides smoothly into the oven or can be retrieved in one easy motion.

The Luxano Pizza Peel will not warp, splinter, or split. It features a food-safe finish and the bamboo wood will never flake or peel. 

This long pizza paddle is perfect for making restaurant-quality pizza in the oven or on the grill. The paddle can also work as a serving platter and a cutting board.

Luxano stands behind every product they sell. Buy from Luxano with complete confidence. 


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How Luxano Started Out 

Luxano started out with a simplistic idea: bamboo luxury should become a part of every home. In Luxano’s New York design center, the company developed a suite of environmentally conscious and naturally beautiful bamboo products ideally suited to the home chef.


What Makes the Luxano Product Unique?

Luxano’s products stand out in a world of look-alike products. That’s because of the superior attention to detail, the top-grade materials, as well as the meticulous craftsmanship. The 100% organic bamboo that Luxano uses is sustainably harvested & grown with no pesticides. Unlike others, Luxano’s products contain no artificial laminates or toxic MDF.


long handle wood pizza peel


Why Luxano Love What They Do

Luxano’s customers are a pleasure to work with. The company loves to work with people who appreciate well-crafted products. Luxano’s goal? To continually delight their customers with top-quality bamboo goods and support them with above-and-beyond service.


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The Perfect Gift for All Pizza Lovers in your Life

This extra large bamboo pizza peel is perfect for anyone who appreciates an elegantly functional design.

Deluxe Presentation Gift Box 

When you buy this wood pizza peel with long handle it comes in a deluxe presentation gift box together with care instructions, perfect pizza-making tips, and special offers. 

Looks as Good as it Cooks 

Luxano’s unique Euro-style design is not only beautiful but also highly functional.

The bamboo pizza peel is perfectly balanced and just the right size. While the easy-grip handle is comfortable to hold and will not (cannot) come loose.

Safe and Sanitary Natural Organic Moso Bamboo

Unlike acacia peels, Luxano doesn’t ever use putty or filters in the manufacture of their pizza peels. Plus, there’s no varnish so there’s no flaking or wearing off.

No Preseasoning Necessary

When you use this long handle wood pizza peel the pizza slides easily with just a light dusting of cornmeal or semolina.

Handy Hanging Slot

This long handled pizza paddle is so beautiful, you may simply wish to hang it on your kitchen wall. And to make that easily achieved, Luxano has included an oversize hanging slot so it’s easy to display the peel.


double-sided design


Product Features at a Glance

Make restaurant-quality pizza in your oven or on the grill.

Non-stick, smooth finish transfers pies with ease.

Will not splinter, warp, or split.

Easy to clean.


Double-Sided Design

The Luxano pizza peel is symmetrical, so you can prep and serve on one side, and cut on the other.

Precision-tapered edge slides right under fresh dough.

Works with or without a pizza stone.


It’s NOT Just for Pizza

The paddle’s elegant shape makes a wonderful presentation board for fruit and cheese. The long handle enables you to transport the fruit/ cheese board with one hand. 


Unlike Metal Pizza Peels:

The Luxano bamboo pizza peel will not scratch counters.

There are no sharp edges that can cut you.

And there is no hard-to-remove plastic coating or adhesive stickers.


Learn more about the Luxano Bamboo Pizza Paddle…


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Product Info at a Glance

Product Dimensions: 23″ L x 12″ Diam. x 0.5″ D 
Item Weight: 2.42 pounds
Manufacturer: Luxano
Item Model Number: LUX-BPP-1

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