Respawn-900 Gaming Recliner


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COMFORT WHILE YOU GAME – The segmented seat padding and the plush removable headrest pillow encourage the ultimate gaming experience. The Respawn-900 Gaming Recliner represents a fully functional gaming recliner that allows you to level up while laying back!


respawn-900 gaming chair

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respawn 900 gaming recliner


DRINKS & CONTROLS AT THE READY – With the removable side pouch on the arm to hold your game controllers together with the built-in cupholder, you’ll never have to pause the gaming action in order to refuel.




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respawn gaming chair 900


CHAIR & FOOTREST MAKE A CONTINUOUS SURFACE – The chair and footrest make one continuous surface with no open spaces where wires can, and often do, become caught up. Nevertheless, the chair and footrest still remain independently operational so you have full control over your gaming chair experience. Please note that the RP 900 Respawn has a 275lb weight capacity.


respawn recliner 900



racing chair respawn 900


RECLINE WITH CONFIDENCE – With the Respawn RSP-900 you can comfortably recline up to 135 degrees and yet you’ll still feel secure due to the 360-degree swivel base. The base provides extra-sturdy support so you can focus on your foes, not on your balance.


respawn-900 racing style reclining gaming chair


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3d respawn-900



AWARD NOMINATED – Respawn is committed to ensuring your full satisfaction. As such, this ergonomic gaming chair with footrest is covered with the Respawn Limited Lifetime Warranty.


900 respawn gaming chair



rp 900 respawn chair

Are you all set to take your gaming to the next level? The RP 900 Respawn chair makes for the perfect seating solution for all console gamers that crave that extra level of comfort!


respawn 900 racing style gaming recliner


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rp 900 respawn


The 3D Respawn-900 helps you on the way to winning while you sit back and relax in true style.

The Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner comes with segmented padding – padding that provides you with all-day gaming comfort. There’s also a headrest pillow to ensure that your spine remains aligned.


respawn rsp-900


The left-arm-located built-in cup holder makes hydrating convenient and easy and the removable side pouch keeps your headphones and game controllers at arm’s length.


respawn-900 gaming recliner

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The chair and footrest are designed as one single continuous unit. This eliminates traditional recliner gaps where wires frequently become caught whenever the footrest is collapsed.


The back of the chair reclines 135 degrees and moves independently of the extendible footrest, and vice versa. This means you get entire freedom of choice in terms of your sitting position.


The pedestal base affords complete and sturdy support so you can safely recline and extend the footrest with 100% confidence.


The swivel functions around a full 360 degrees while the Respawn-900 gaming chair has a weight capacity of 275lbs.


As an award-nominated brand, Respawn is fully committed to your complete satisfaction. That said, the chair is covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


And, true to form, as is the case with all other Respawn gaming chairs, the Respawn 900 gaming recliner is available in a variety of colors, inclusive of black, blue, grey, red, and white. 


Further, the recliner is also available as a rocker

Or you may wish to consider the Respawn-110 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair with Footrest.



Product Information at a Glance

Product Dimensions: 27.56 x 25.6 x 42.13 inches
Item Weight: 36.6 pounds
Manufacturer: OFM
Item Model Number: RSP-900-GRY
Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight: 275 Pounds
Form Factor: Recliner
Assembly Required: Yes
Warranty Description: Respawn Limited Lifetime Warranty

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