While the Ultrasport Outdoor UniJump Trampoline is cheaper than one of its main U.K. competitors – the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline (besides the largest size of Ultrasport – 366 cm in diameter) while it’s more expensive than its other main U.K. competitor – the Kanga Trampoline. 

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Let’s find out what the Ultrasport Outdoor Trampoline has to offer.

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UltraSport Trampoline for kids and adults

Ultrasport Outdoor UniJump Trampoline



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It, the Ultrasport Trampoline, is available in various sizes:

1.83 metres in diameter 

2.44 metres diameter

3.05 metres diameter 

3.66 metres diameter


The diameters given above are the full diameter, inclusive of the safety springs. The full diameter of the jumping mat for each respective size are given just below.


Here’s a video demonstrating how to construct the Ultrasport Trampoline:



The Ultrasport Trampoline is sturdy and stable. It comes with padded poles, a reasonably thick and durable jumping mat, a spring cover for protection, and also a safety net. 

It’s suitable for children and for adults and can safely handle a number of users at the same time, depending on overall weight. Talking of which, the variable sizes (in diameter) cater to different user weight limits:


1.83 metres: Up to 100 kg / 220 lbs.

2.44 metres: Up to 120 kg / 264 lbs.

3.05 metres: Up to 120 kg / 264 lbs.

3.66 metres: Up to 150 kg / 330 lbs.


The number of galvanised steel springs at the exterior of the trampoline jumping mat varies as well. The steel springs obviously provide support to the jumping mat area and they also cater to a more dynamic jumping experience. Here are the spring counts for each trampoline size:


1.83 metres in diameter: 36 steel springs

2.44 metres in diameter: 42 steel springs

3.05 metres in diameter: 54 steel springs

3.66 metres in diameter: 72 steel springs


Otherwise, we should also consider the total height of the safety net, the entryway (the gap in the safety net where you enter) height, and the actual size of the jumping mat (size of the jumping area). 

And yes, as you likely guessed, these all vary depending on the size of the trampoline.


1.83 metres diameter: Total height 200 cm (78.7 inch); entry height 46 cm (18 inch); jumping sheet 146 cm (57.4 inch) diameter.

2.44 metres diameter: Total height 240 cm (94.4 inch); entry height 60 cm (23.6 inch); jumping sheet 200 cm (78.7 inch) diameter.

3.05 metres diameter: Total height 245 cm (96.4 inch); entry height 68 cm (28.7 inch); jumping sheet 263 cm (103.5 inch) diameter.

3.66 metres diameter: Total height 270 cm (106 inch); entry height 90 cm (35.4 inch); jumping sheet 325 cm (128 inch) diameter.



To assure maximum safety, the net surrounds the circumference of the trampoline. Further, the jumping sheet is made from high-quality polypropylene and it comes with an additional UV coating to protect it from sun-related UV deterioration. 

The surrounding net’s entryway has a zip so no participants are liable to fall out.

The padding around the circumference – the padding that covers the galvanised steel springs and the exterior frame – is 10 mm thick (0.39 inches). 


The ring frame, the legs, and also the net poles are made from galvanised steel piping which is 25 mm (0.98 inch) thick. The net poles are all padded for extra safety.

You also get a detailed assembly manual with your purchase in addition to all special tools required for successful assembly. Delivery is inclusive of the price of the trampoline – i.e. there’s no extra charge for delivery. 

The jumping mat and the safety net are black while all the safety padding is blue. 

There is no ladder sold with the Ultrasport Outdoor Uni-Jump Trampoline, you can, if you feel the need, buy one separately: 


Ultrasport Trampoline Ladder


The ladder is suited to the 305 cm and 366 cm diameter trampolines. For the smaller-sized trampolines, no ladder is required. 

Likewise, there’s a ground-anchor kit. The manufacturer recommends using the anchor kit to prevent potential damage to the trampoline and to prevent possible damage to other nearby items should the trampoline become dislodged in high winds. FYI, the range of trampolines being reviewed here weighs between 30 kg and 60 kg. 

Ultrasport Spiral Ground Anchor Kit (for trampolines, swings, outdoor playhouses, garden sheds, and more)



The Ultrasport Uni-Jump Trampoline comes with a 2-year long warranty. Outside the warranty period, you can purchase parts for the trampoline either via Amazon or from the company’s website. 


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Ultrasport Trampoline for UK gardens



Ultrasport Outdoor Uni-Jump Trampoline FAQs

We’ve put together some trampoline-focused FAQs which will hopefully address any of your questions that are not answered in the above trampoline review.


Question: How long does the Ultrasport Outdoor UniJump Trampoline take to assemble?

Answer: For two persons, both of whom – or at least one of whom – is decent at handywork, the trampoline will take around 1.5 – 3 hours to assemble. There is an assembly service available which you can pay for together with the trampoline but it’s not the cheapest. It is possible for one person to assemble the trampoline. Assembly manual comes with purchase.


Question: Is the trampoline liable to become dislodged in high winds? 

Answer: With the Ultrasport Spiral Ground Anchor Kit in place (see above), most certainly not. Even without the Anchor Kit, chances are slim that it will become dislodged. It’s pertinent to disassemble the exterior netting and poles and store throughout the winter months to reduce any chance of dislodgement.


Question: How long is the Ultrasport Trampoline warranty? Can I easily get replacement parts if needed?

Answer: Warranty is 2 years. Replacement parts are available on Amazon.co.uk and also on the manufacturer’s (Ultrasport) website.


Question: How many people can use the Ultrasport Trampoline simultaneously?

Answer: This depends on the total user weight. For weight limits please see information above in the review. 


Question: What is the minimum recommended age for the Ultrasport Trampoline?

Answer: Minimum age: 4 years and over. Obviously, for younger-aged children, they should have supervision at all times. 


Question: Is it safe to position the Ultrasport on ground that is slightly sloping?

Answer: If you can level out the ground then yes. Otherwise, no. Reason is that the trampoline framework, particularly the supporting springs, is designed in such a way as to support in equal fashion around the circumference of the trampoline. If on sloping ground the weight is more displaced and will cause rapid wear and tear. Furthermore, jumping on an unevenly positioned trampoline brings with it an unstable jumping experience. 


Question: What’s the best surface to position the Ultrasport Trampoline?

Answer: To start with the ground must be level. The area around the exterior of the trampoline should be entirely free of any obstacles – for example, don’t position the trampoline near to any fences, garden huts, trees, etc. Lastly, the ground ideally should be soft such as on a lawn or on soil (not on stone or asphalt surfaces). If you don’t have a soft-surface area upon which you can erect the trampoline you can buy rubber or foam matting


Question: Is the Ultrasport Trampoline okay without a ladder?

Answer: Yes, though it depends on the height of the user and which trampoline is bought. The larger-sized trampolines are a little higher off the ground so there is a ladder available for those (see review above). But for the majority, no ladder is required for entry to the trampoline or for exit. 


Question: Should the trampoline be stored throughout the winter months?

Answer: Not necessary. You should disassemble the poles and safety netting for safekeeping. You should also brush off snow from the jumping mat because the snow adds additional weight. Otherwise, you can use a general tarpaulin to cover the trampoline. Position the tarp in a slightly slanted position so that rainwater / snow does not weigh down on the trampoline surface.


Question: What area of space should be left around the exterior of the trampoline?

Answer: It is recommended that a minimum of 1 metre / 3 feet be available and free of any obstacles around the trampoline’s exterior. Don’t position the trampoline near any fences, trees, walls, garden huts, etc. 


Question: Can the height of the framework legs be adjusted?

Answer: No. Plus, be sure to position the trampoline on a flat surface. Don’t be tempted to insert stones or wood blocks underneath the legs to level things up. This will mean that the transfer of weight from the jumping surface mat to the framework is uneven and will lead to rapid wear and tear. 

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