It’s the most popular flower in the U.S. And different colors of roses have different meanings. 

Here’s what each different color of rose bloom means.



The meaning of different colored roses
What do different colored roses mean?



Red Rose

A red rose means ‘love’. Simple as that. 

White Rose

Though white roses are frequently associated with spirituality and with marriage, the actual meaning equated with a white rose is “a heart unacquainted with love.”

Yellow Rose

Traditionally, the yellow rose was equated with infidelity and with jealousy. Now, however, because of its vibrant color, yellow roses are more akin to friendship and cheer. 

Pink Rose

Pink roses mean grace and elegance. 

Blue Rose

The closest to a real blue rose arguably is a beautiful hybrid tea rose named ‘Blue Moon’. ‘Blue Moon’, though, is more of a light purple/ dark pink. Anyway, blue roses symbolize intrigue and mystery since they are not natural. 

Peach Rose

Peach roses signify sincerity, modesty, and gratitude. 

Orange Rose

Orange roses mean passion and enthusiasm. 

Salmon Rose

Darker than peach, pinker than orange, salmon rose blooms suggest enthusiasm and excitement. 

Cream Rose

Off-white roses can indicate charm as well as thoughtfulness. 

Purple Rose

The purple rose equates to pride and enchantment. Purple roses are also tied to royalty. 

Dark Pink Rose

The lighter-colored pink means grace, whereas the darker pink signifies appreciation and gratitude. 

Burgundy Rose

A merlot shade, burgundy roses are representative of “unconscious beauty.”

Red and White Roses

When you mix red and white roses together in a bouquet it symbolizes unity. Ideal choice for weddings as well as any other celebration of partnership. 

Coral Rose

Coral roses represent desire. 


Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

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