When do I plant roses in Colorado?

Plant bare-root roses in spring rather than fall. In Colorado, finish off your planting of bare-root roses by around mid-April.

You may wish to prepare your planting holes before you get your bare-root roses – on the presumption you are, in fact, buying. 

If the plants look dry when you get them allow the roots to sit in a bucket of water for 10-12 hours. Don’t leave bare-root roses sitting in water for any longer than 24 hours. 



Planting roses in Colorado
When do I plant roses in Colorado?



When to plant container-grown roses in Colorado?

You can plant container-grown roses any time throughout the growing season. That would be any time between frosts in early to mid-spring and frosts in early to mid-fall. 

If you buy your container-grown roses from a greenhouse directly, harden the roses off outdoors by leaving them in the container. Do this for 3 or 4 days. After which you can plant. And after planting water the roses daily. 

If you do wish to plant container-grown roses late in the season make sure you give the plant enough time to ‘bed in’ before the first fall frosts. You’ll want the roots do start growing and the plant to be looking healthy before the frosts hit. 


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When should I plant roses in Colorado

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