When should I plant roses in Utah?


First things first, container-grown roses or bare-root roses: which should I plant in my Utah garden and what’s the difference between them?

The second part of the question I’ll answer first: what’s the difference between bare-root roses and container-grown roses?

Bare-root roses do not have leaves. Bare-root roses do not have flowers. 

Essentially, a bare-root rose is one that is in the dormant stage – it’s not growing. 

There is an advantage to buying and planting bare-root roses. All of the plant’s energy can be invested into growing a healthy root system. 

There’s, likewise, a disadvantage to buying and planting bare-root roses as well. You’ll have to hang around for a year before you see any flowers. 

Plant your bare-root roses early in the season. You can plant as early as six weeks prior to the due date of the last springtime frost.



When is the best time to plant roses in Utah
Monument Valley, Utah




Okay, moving onto container-grown roses. 

Container-grown roses are grown in containers. Nothing too surprising about that, then.

Container-grown roses have foliage and often they will have flowers too. 

So, basically, a container-grown rose is very, very likely going to look a whole lot nicer than a bare-root rose. And as such, if you want an instantaneous display in your garden then buying container-grown roses is the way to go.

You can plant container-grown roses pretty much at any time of the year in Utah. However, for best results, plant between late March and late April.


Two reasons.

It’s because, again, for best results, you’ll want to plant container-grown roses in your Utah garden well before fall frosts arrive. This will allow your new roses to become well established – or well enough established before the dormant period encroaches.

And the second reason is that you’ll want to plant your container-grown roses in Utah before the heat of summer is upon us. High temperatures cause rose bushes to become stressed. Again, if your new roses are able to become relatively established before experiencing stress then it’s best for the rose bushes and it’s best for you as well.


when should you plant roses in Utah


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