When to prune roses in northern California


When to Prune Roses in Northern California? In northern California, the advised time, or the suggested time, is to prune sometime in January.

Your roses may be in bud, they might be quite leafy, or they may still actually be blooming. But you need to instill upon them that they should rest. By pruning now, it provides a fresh beginning for the upcoming season. 

Any strong new growth which is produced after blooming will bear blooms the following spring. 

For the amount of pruning, that depends on the type of rose.



Which month to prune roses in northern California
When should I prune roses in northern California?


Pruning Roses in Northern California

Modern shrub roses and most old garden type roses don’t need much pruning. It’s a matter of removing damaged and dead canes and shoots. Possibly to control growth, too – to control the shape of the bush. 

For hybrid tea roses, floribundas, and Grandifloras more extensive pruning is called for. 

When some of the prior year’s growth is removed on hybrid teas, floribundas, and Grandifloras, and when the weakened, old wood is removed, you’ll enjoy stronger stems and larger blooms. 

Pruning should always begin by removing winter-damaged stems. After that, cut out stems that are growing at an odd angle. 

Once unwanted growth is removed, for the remaining stems, you should reduce the length. Cut stems back by around a third to one-half. 


And to conclude, why not watch Rebecca Sweet’s video about how roses should be pruned in Northern California:



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