Question: In my garden in southern California I have some floribunda roses and also some hybrid tea roses. In southern California, these roses don’t tend to go dormant. When to prune roses in southern California?


Answer: Through pruning of roses it encourages new growth as well as fresh blossom. So this means you will want to give your roses a prune regardless that there is no dormant period. 

For roses in Southern California, the time to prune would be in February, just prior to the springtime weather arriving. 


What time of year to prune roses in southern California
When should I prune my roses in southern California?

Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses in Southern California

With hybrid teas, aim for three to five robust canes in all. The remainder – the more spindly ones – can be completely removed. Plus, any branches that have a tendency for growing straight upwards, those too can be removed as these will more than likely be suckers. Suckers do not possess any blooms. 

Otherwise, and once you’ve finished taking out these canes, the shape should be vase-like with plenty of space in the center of the bush. 

Next, prune all remaining canes to between 12 and 18 inches (30-45 cm) above the graft. Don’t worry because you’ll see new wood forming once your hybrid tea roses begin to grow. 


Pruning Floribunda Roses in Southern California

As for floribunda roses, these grow more vigorously than hybrid tea roses. They produce numerous main canes and stems throughout the year. 

Floribundas are generally dense growers. As such, they are good as a hedging plant. 

With respect to the previous season’s growth, cut it back by about one quarter. Leave anything that is strong – all strong canes and all strong stems. 

This pursuit will reap its reward since it will encourage countless small-sized blooms over the entire season. 


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