When do I prune my roses in Utah?

When to prune roses in Utah? If you’re way down in the south of Utah State – St. George, Cedar City, Springdale, Bluff, etc., then winter for you will be December and January alone. And it’s at this point in time that you want to ‘winter prune’ your roses.

Having said that you can still prune in early February. But it has to be EARLY – while your roses are still dormant. If you prune when your roses are in dormancy it doesn’t encourage them to put on a spurt of fresh growth. And if they do generate a spurt of new growth too early in the season that fresh growth could succumb to frost. 



Pruning roses in Utah
When do I prune my roses in Utah?



For more northerly locales in Utah, you’ll have more winter to work with. Obviously, we’re talking about locales such as Salt Lake City, Provo, Sandy, Ogden, Logan, etc. 

Again, in the north of Utah State, you’ll want to prune (give them a more thorough pruning) when your roses are still in dormancy due to the cold weather. 

That said, in the northerly parts of Utah, anything from mid-November right on through to mid-February or perhaps a little later into February is going to be fine. 


When should I prune my roses in Utah

Hybrid Tea, Rosa ‘Blue Moon’

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