What’s the Best 10ft Trampoline Cover?

Best 10ft Trampoline Cover – What do you need a trampoline cover for?

If you opt to protect your trampoline with a weather cover, you’re making a good investment in terms of the health, wellbeing, and longevity of your trampoline. 

Rain, snow, hail, scum (as in dirt buildup rather than the other type of ‘scum’), leaves, and sunshine: they all can impact the aesthetics of your trampoline as well as how it performs. 


Here are a few reasons to further convince those with continuing doubts:


      • Trampoline covers remove (or at least reduce) the problem of rusting springs, faded padding (the padding that covers the springs), leaves, and scum buildup. 


      • Trampoline covers help to extend the lifespan of various trampoline parts (of course, not least being the jumping mat).


      • Trampoline covers aid in keeping the jumping surface as well as the protective edges clean. 


      • With a trampoline cover, you increase the lifespan of your trampoline – the jumping mat, the padding, the springs, the frame.


      10Ft Trampoline Cover – Which is the Best?

      I’ve listed the best 10ft trampoline covers currently available below. Do note that all of the listed covers are for circular (round) trampolines.

      The pros and cons of each are highlighted. I’ve also added some FAQs with respect to trampoline covers, in general, to help clear up any further uncertainties. The short FAQ section is beneath the review section near the base of the article.

      Incidentally, this post contains links to products. Please make the assumption that at least some of the links may result in earning commissions. Thank you.


    • ZERO GRAVITY Ultima Cover (Green)


      10ft Trampoline Cover
      Zero Gravity Ultima 10ft trampoline cover

      Zero Gravity Ultima Trampoline Cover for 10-Foot Diameter Trampolines


      The Zero Gravity Ultima Trampoline Cover is available in a variety of different sizes. We’ll focus solely on the 10ft cover as that’s what this article is about – 10ft diameter trampoline covers. The Zero Gravity Ultima, as well as the other two covers reviewed, does fit other trampoline brands, not only the Zero Gravity Ultima Trampoline. 

      This 10ft trampoline cover is UV resistant. The material is polyethylene (PE) 180 GSM (grams per square metre) which basically relates to the density of the fabric. 

      This trampoline cover is said to be around 50% thicker than the more standardised, budget trampoline covers. The lesser covers easily tear in stronger winds. 

      The cover comes with toggle fittings as opposed to elasticated straps. Elasticated straps have a tendency for stretching and tearing the cover. 

      Do note that if you have an enclosure fitted to your trampoline (safety net enclosure) you’ll either have to lower it or disassemble it completely. 

      The Ultima 10ft Trampoline Cover has drainage holes in the centre of the cover. However, rainwater still tends to sit atop the trampoline. Prior customers have stated that placing an inverted plant pot in the centre of the trampoline below the cover helps to remove water. 

      And because there are holes in the centre of this trampoline cover (as is the case with the majority of trampoline covers) it means the cover is not exactly waterproof. 

      If heavy winds are forecast make sure your trampoline cover (and your trampoline) are weighted (or tied) down adequately enough.

      Colour: Green



      Skyhigh Deluxe 10ft Trampoline Weather Cover (Green)

      Skyhigh trampoline cover for 10 foot trampolines
      Skyhigh 10ft Trampoline Cover

      Skyhigh Trampoline Cover for 10ft Trampoline


      The Skyhigh Deluxe 10ft Trampoline Weather Cover has elasticated edging as opposed to ties. This makes it faster to get the cover on and off. 

      The cover is made from PVC which is UV resistant. 

      A 2-inch square drainage hole is located in the centre of this all-weather trampoline cover. Obviously, this means the cover is not entirely waterproof. As with the Zero Gravity Ultima cover, to ensure water does not build up on top of your trampoline, it helps to place an inverted plant pot in the centre of the trampoline beneath the cover. 

      The Skyhigh Deluxe 10ft Trampoline Weather Cover comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

      Colour: Green




      Upper Bounce 10ft Trampoline Cover for All Brands and Models (Black or Blue)


      Trampoline cover for all 10ft trampolines
      Upper Bounce 10ft Trampoline Cover

      Upper Bounce Protective Trampoline Cover for 10ft Round Trampolines


      The Upper Bounce 10ft Trampoline Cover is available in either black or blue. 

      This cover is surrounded by elastic straps in addition to ‘S’ hooks making it easy to attach the cover to the trampoline’s frame and the v-rings of the jumping mat. 

      The Upper Bounce Trampoline Cover is made from top-quality polyethylene fabric that is double-sided laminated. 

      Same as the other two 10ft trampoline covers reviewed above, the Upper Bounce Cover has a hole in the centre to help water to drain away. However, to ensure the water does not collect on the trampoline’s surface, you need to raise the centre of the cover. To do that, many people insert an inverted plant pot in the centre beneath the cover.

      The cover fits all trampoline brands and all trampoline models provided that they are round. 




      Trampoline Covers FAQs

      Can you use a cover as shading on top of the trampoline’s safety enclosure net?

      It’s highly advisable not to do so as it poses a hazard to trampoline users. 



      Do circular trampoline covers fit other shaped trampolines? Will a circular cover fit a square trampoline? 

      Circular covers may fit oval-shaped trampolines though you may have to get a bit creative with latching the cover to the sides of the trampoline. Otherwise, a circular cover will not fit a square trampoline unless the square trampoline is small enough for the cover to extend from side to side.



      Why do protective trampoline covers have holes in the central area?

      The hole (or holes) is there to help water to drain from the surface of your trampoline. In essence, having a hole in the centre doesn’t entirely work given that the only way to drain the water off is to raise the central part of the cover. Nevertheless, the vast majority of trampoline covers have a hole (or holes) in the central part. 



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