With this 10 foot pink trampoline – the award-winning Ultrasport Outdoor Trampoline – you get everything you need in one pack.

The Ultrasport Outdoor Trampoline is currently available in two different sizes – 10-foot (305 cm) diameter and a smaller size – 5.9-foot (180 cm) diameter.

It’s also available in different colours: pink, blue, and green. Note that it is the padded edge cover (covers the springs) that is available in various colours as opposed to the jumping mat. The jumping mat is black as standard, as is the enclosure netting.

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10 foot trampoline with safety net
10 ft trampoline with enclosure

Ultrasport 10 Foot Trampoline with Net



Maximum user weight of this 10-foot trampoline is 352 lbs (160 kg).  

The Ultrasport Trampoline comes with a safety enclosure net and eight foam-padded galvanized-steel poles for stability/ safety. In all, there are 64 galvanized-steel springs. 

The height of the jumping mat (from ground surface) is approximately 30 inches (76 cm). The jumping mat has a UV coating for protection against the sun. 

Four specially shaped double-footed legs (made from galvanized steel) help to provide maximum stability when the trampoline is in use. 

As mentioned, there’s a frame padding cover over the trampoline springs which prevents feet or hands from being caught. 

All tools needed for construction of the trampoline are included with purchase. 

The warranty for all parts of the Ultrasport Trampoline is 2 years. 









Ultrasport Pink Trampoline 10ft FAQs


Can you position the Ultrasport 10 foot trampoline on a patio or on concrete?

Yes, you can – as long as it’s a flat, even surface. If you do locate the trampoline on a hard surface it’s best to lay soft padding mats below the trampoline such as these EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles:


Foam matting for trampoline
Foam mats for trampoline

 EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles




Can you use this 10ft trampoline without the safety net enclosure?

It’s highly advisable to use the trampoline without the safety net enclosure. To do so would be unsafe for those using the trampoline. 



Where can you get spare parts for the Ultrasport 10 feet trampoline?

If your trampoline is outside the warranty you can purchase spare parts on Amazon.co.uk or by getting in touch with Ultrasport customer service (service.uk@ultrasport.net).



Is there a warranty on this outdoor 10 ft trampoline?

Yes. Two-year warranty on everything. 



How thick is the padding that covers the springs?

0.8 inches/ 2.03 cm.



Can the 10 foot Ultrasport Trampoline’s safety enclosure net be attached to the inside of the springs area?

No. The safety net must be attached to the exterior of the springs.



Are all the Trampoline’s metal parts galvanized?

Yes, all metal parts are galvanized since the trampoline is for outdoor use.



Does the Ultrasport Trampoline Play Tent fit the 10ft trampoline?

Yes, it does. It may, or may not, be currently available:

Trampoline play tent
Play tent for Ultrasport trampolines

Ultrasport Trampoline Play Tent


How many kids can play on the 10 foot trampoline at one time?

It’s advisable that only one person use the trampoline at any one time. However, if more than one person were to use it, it’s imperative to keep the weight limit in mind. The weight limit for the 10ft Ultrasport Trampoline is 160 kg (352 lbs). 



Does the 10 feet Ultrasport Trampoline have a weather cover?


Weatherproof cover for 10 foot trampoline
Ultrasport 10ft trampoline weather cover

Weatherproof cover for 10ft Ultrasport Jumper Trampoline



How large is the jumping mat on the 10 foot Ultrasport Trampoline?

On the 10ft trampoline, the jumping mat is approximately 8 feet in diameter. 



Is it safe to put this trampoline on a slightly uneven surface?

Ideally, the surface should be completely flat. Otherwise, the integrity of the trampoline will be tarnished. It’s also wise not to play anything hard under individual legs to provide support. Again, this works against the trampoline’s overall integrity.



How long does it take to assemble the 10 feet Ultrasport Trampoline? Is the trampoline easy to assemble?

If there are two people assembling it should take 2 hours max. Yes, it’s very easy to assemble this trampoline. Assembly instructions come with it and they are easy to follow.



Should the trampoline be stored away over winter?

The UK winters can be a bit harsh from time to time but if you invest in the protective weather cover (see just above) there is no need to disassemble and store the entire trampoline. Instead, simply take down and store the poles and the safety netting. 



Does the Ultrasport Trampoline require anchors?

It’s advisable to invest in trampoline anchors, yes. These are not supplied with the trampoline, unfortunately:


Anchor kit for Ultrasport trampolines
Trampoline anchor kit for Ultrasport 10ft trampoline

Anchor Kit for Ultrasport 10ft Trampoline



How many boxes is the Ultrasport Trampoline delivered in?

One large box measuring approximately 750mm x 350mm x 1400mm (14″ x 30″ x 55″). The box (with contents) weighs around 50 kg. 



What is the height of the 10ft trampoline frame above ground level? Does it require a ladder?

Approximately 75-80 cm (2.5 foot). If you do feel a ladder is required the Ultrasport Hanging Steel Trampoline Ladder is ideal for the 305 cm (10 foot) diameter trampoline: 


Trampoline ladder for Ultrasport Trampolines
Ladder for 10 foot trampoline

Ultrasport Trampoline Hanging Steel Ladder


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