Airsoft elbow pads – are they an important asset to the airsoft craft? Are they, in fact, actually needed at all?

Is it more about the good looks than the function of elbow pads that’s of importance? How about airsoft helmets? Are they really needed or is it – the helmet – for aesthetics more than anything else?

Airsoft elbow pads are available for one main reason and, arguably, for one not so important reason.

The less important: They do look very nice! So there’s the aesthetical side of the argument.

The more important: They do serve to protect an otherwise exposed area of the body that can, for sure, come to harm if not protected in some fashion.

At least you could experience a skid burn on your skin, perhaps some rather nasty bruising after a fall, or a bump on your funny bone which creates immediate numbness and pain. At worst, airsoft elbow pads can guard against a nasty bone fracture of the ulna or the radius bones at the elbow joint.

Some airsoft elbow pads even go so far as to provide support to an overuse injury such as olecranon bursitis (Popeye elbow) or tendinosis.

So, while there is a definite bonus in wearing airsoft elbow pads because they do look real good, there’s the additional and more important aspect that airsoft elbow pads can provide support for a currently injured elbow or can prevent a nasty accident from happening.


Let’s get to the meat and potatoes now.

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What are the best elbow pads for airsoft?
What are the best elbow pads for airsoft?

Best airsoft elbow pads review (2022)



Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

With the Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads, it’s a case of one size does not fit all. So be sure to choose small, medium or large. 

The Bodyprox Elbow Pads are structured using a foam grid that is strategically positioned in such a way that they can provide pain relief to your elbow, including relief from golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, tendonitis, joint inflammation, and other types of elbow pain. Otherwise, and the Bodyprox Pads are excellent at preventing injury while simultaneously enabling the wearer to approach any physical activity with maximum arm maneuverability.

The pads are made with foam-padding materials which line a breathable compression fabric. The foam padding is abrasion-resistant. When you wear the Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads you still enjoy a full ranging arm motion capacity.

The exterior breathable fabric provides optimal comfort, as well as support while it does not compromise on your mobility.

The pads can withstand machine washing and drying with absolutely no deformation. 

Suited to both men and women, these elbow pads are ideal for people of any fitness level and any age group.

Small-sized elbow pads: 7.5-10” long/ 19-25.4cm.

Medium-sized pads: 10-12″ long/ 25.4-30.5cm.

Large-sized pads: 12-14″ long/ 30.5-35.6cm. 



Weight: Small – 2.4 ounces/ 68g; Medium – 3.84 ounces/ 108.9g; Large – 5 ounces/ 141.7g.

Sizes: Small, medium, and large (see above for dimensions).

Color: Black.



Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads

And just because the name consists of the word ‘Paintball’ doesn’t mean these elbow pads are solely for paintball use. They do perform equally well for the airsoft enthusiast. 

The Exalt Paintball T3 Elbow Pads is the ‘Thrasher’ protective elbow pads series replacement.

Like the Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads above, the Exalt T3 Pads are available in different sizes: Small/ Medium; Medium/ Large; Large/ Extra-Large.

These elbow pads come with a breathable, moisture-wicking liner and exterior that works to keep you cool, to keep you dry, and to allow for complete arm flexibility. 

The tri-layer padding technology ensures that the sensation of any impact is reduced.

The precision-engineered design is anti-slip silicone weave and extremely form-fitting.

The anti-slip silicone weave over the bicep area in addition to the thumb cuffs ensure that the pads don’t slip down your arms. 

The T3 elbow pads are available in black or in grey.



Sizes: Small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra-large. 

Color: Black/ grey.




FreeFlex Elbow Pads/ Arm Pads

The FreeFlex Elbow Pads/ Arm Pads are available in small size, medium, in large size, and in extra-large size. 

The elbow and forearm pads of the FreeFlex have been custom-molded at the elbow to enhance flexibility and durability. The outer sleeve is moisture-wicking. 

The retention strap makes sure that the pad conforms to your forearm to make a lower and tighter profile. This strap is rotatable so it can be concealed below – or behind – the pad. It is also removable. It’s made from Velcro so it doesn’t irritate your skin.

The hand padding, which is likewise compression-molded, is built to absorb impact and prevent bruising. 


Sizes: Small, medium, large, extra-large. 

Color: Black.


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