Best Hand Cultivator Tool for Your Garden (2022)


What is the best hand cultivator tool – or best hand cultivators – for your garden? Referred to as gardening claws, garden cultivators, claw rakes, hand rakes, stubby rakes, and grubbers, garden hand cultivators are extremely handy manual tools that all serious gardeners should possess – at least one of them, perhaps more than one. 

Garden cultivator hand tools often look like (and act like) a mini rake. They are not designed to rake up sticks, leaves, or hay. Many of them are wielded with a single hand. Others require two hands to operate. 

Garden cultivator hand tools are ideal for removing debris from the garden – debris from the base area of your plants. They are also great at getting weeds out and for general soil cultivation, albeit on a small scale. 



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Best Hand Cultivator Garden Tool


Not exactly a massively diverse gardening tool category. But there are a few hand-held garden cultivator tools to choose from.

Each of those we’ve reviewed here has a slightly (or more than slightly) different ergonomic design, specialized function, general capability, secondary use, and level of convenience. 

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Best Hand Cultivators

Asano Japanese Ninja Garden Claw Hand Tool Rake and Cultivator


Asano Ninja Claw Rake and Cultivator



Interestingly named, the five-pronged stubby rake cultivator garden tool is ideal for breaking up the soil around the base of plants such as vegetables, low-growing shrubs, and what have you. It’s also good for dethatching dead grass, moss, and weeded areas in a lawn. 

The Asano Japanese Ninja Claw Rake and Cultivator is made from hard Japanese steel together with a wood handle. The tool has a well-balanced feel to it. 

The handle is 5.5 inches long and approximately one 1 inch wide. At the widest part the tine spread is 4.75 inches. 

The Asana tool weighs 7.8 oz.





DeWit 5-Tine Cultivator

DeWit 3-Tine Cultivator with Drop-Grip Handle



The DeWit Cultivator is available as a 3-tine cultivator and a 5-tine cultivator. 

There are also three different handle options available: drop-grip handle, P-grip handle, and short-grip handle.

This is the ideal tool if you need to cultivate tough soil in a tight space as well as for doing a quick aeration job.

It’s Dutch-made and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s manufactured from tempered, hand-forged boron steel. It has a European hardwood ash handle. The handle has FSC ((Forest Stewardship Council) certification meaning that the wood is from replenishable forests.

The weight of the tool varies depending on the handle you choose: between 0.5lbs. and 0.75lbs. 




Best Hand Cultivator Tools

CobraHead® Mini Weeder & Cultivator

 CobraHead Mini Weeder and Cultivator


The CobraHead Mini Weeder & Cultivator has a tempered steel blade. The curved blade head easy plows through any type of soil. 

The comfortable grip is made from recycled plastic and fits right- and left-handed gardeners. 

The CobraHead is ideal for weeding out grasses. It can reach into the tightest of areas and is very precise (depending on the user, of course). It can lift out relatively small tap-rooted weeds in one go. And because it is so small it’s great for container gardening. It can fit into your pocket so there’s no reason to lose it.

The tool is made in Cambridge, Wisconsin. It weighs 4.8 oz. 





Truper 32739 14-Inch Rapid Tiller, Fiberglass Handle with Grip

best hand cultivator tool

Truper 14-inch Rapid Tiller


The Truper 14-inch Rapid Tiller has a forged steel head and a fiberglass handle. It has 2-in-1 functionality, ideal for soil cultivation, for planting seeds, annuals, perennials, and also bulbs. 

It’s ideal for digging through clay soil.

Weight: 1.85lbs. 





Fiskars 384240-1001 384240-1007 Cultivator

best hand cultivator tool
 Fiskars Cultivator


The Fiskars Cultivator features a specialized handle design that when in use, reduces wrist and hand fatigue. 

It has a cast-aluminum head that is rust-resistant. The head will never snap off when you’re using the tool, regardless of how heavy the soil is. 

There’s a hang hole in the handle for convenient storage. 

Fiskars Cultivator is ideal for removing weeds, aerating soil, and loosening soil. The spring tines make life easy when digging into tougher soil (such as heavy clay).

The tool weighs 8 oz. and has a lifetime warranty.





Fiskars Big Grip Hand Cultivator Tool (7072)


best hand cultivator tool

Fiskars Big Grip Cultivator


Another in the Fiskars lineup, the Big Grip Cultivator reduces potential hand fatigue and helps to speed up work.

The extra-large handle has a soft-molded grip thereby providing superior control and extra comfort. 

The tool is ideal for weeding, digging, loosening soil, transplanting, and aerating.

The handle has a hang hole for easy storage. 

The head is made from cast-aluminum so it will not rust. 

Weight: 6.4 oz.




Fiskars Composite Cultivator (7977)


Fiskars Composite Cultivator tool is ideal when you wish to loosen soil, for soil aeration, and for removing weeds. 

The large-sized tines afford maximum contact with the soil to make work more efficient.

The tool a single-piece design so there’s nothing to bend, to loosen, or to break. 

The Fiskars Composite Cultivator is lightweight (0.32 oz.) and easy to handle. It’s said to be stronger than steel so it will last for some time. That’s backed up with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

The dimensions: 11.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 2 inches.





500W Hula-Ho Mini Flexrake Hula-Ho with 14-Inch Wood Handle


best hand cultivator tool

Hula-Ho Mini Flexrake


The Hula-Ho Mini Flexrake is a weeder, aerator, and cultivator all wrapped in one tool. The blade is heat-treated and self-sharpening.

The wood handle is 14 inches long with a cushion grip. The Hula-Ho is ideal for small spaces and all types of soil conditions. 

Weight: 7.4 oz.





Radius Garden 10311 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Cultivator

best hand cultivator tool
Radius Ergonomic Hand Cultivator 



The Radius Garden Ergonomic Hand Cultivator is an award-winning implement that is ideal for turning all types of soil scraping-out weed seedlings and pulling out all kinds of roots. 

The aluminum blade is sharp and stronger than steel. Obviously, being aluminum, it will never experience any rusting. 

The ergonomic grip provides the user with extra leverage while reducing stress on wrist and hand. The grip is made for added ease of use and comfort. This makes it ideal for those gardeners that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and for those with limited strength in the hands. 

Incidentally, if you do experience an itchy back on a regular basis the Radius Hand Cultivator makes the ideal back scratcher. 

Weight: 10.1 oz.





Tierra Garden DeWit Right Hand Japanese Hand Hoe


best hand cultivator tool

DeWit Right-Handed Miniature Hoe


The DeWit right-handed hand hoe is suited to the removal of weeds, grasses, and more. It’s a quality-made tool and has a lifetime guarantee.

The hoe has a European ash hardwood handle and weighs 6.4 oz.




Senkichi Nejiri Gama Japanese Hoe


best hand cultivator tool
Senkichi Nejiri Japanese Hoe


The Senkichi Nejiri Japanese Hoe is strong but lightweight and is ideal for weeding (as you’d expect – it is a hoe) and slicing. It has a wood handle with a hanging loop at the end. 

The steel blade is 5 inch and overall the hoe measures 11 inches. It weighs just 5.6 oz.





Grampa’s Weeder Hand Cultivator Tool


Grampa’s Weeder


Grampa’s Weeder is said to be the original stand-up weed-puller tool. Indeed, it was first introduced back in 1913 so it’s been around for a bit. 

With the long handle, you’ll avoid what most gardeners experience when weeding – sore knees and a sore back. 

The handle is manufactured using real bamboo. The weeder is 46 inches in length and weighs 1lb.





Carrot Design Circular Hoe Hand Garden Weeding Tool

best hand cultivator tool

Carrot Design Circular Hoe


I always find garden hoes to be the most interesting of gardening tools. And the Carrot Design Circular Hoe certainly falls into the ‘interesting’ category. 

The neck and blade are made from solid steel. The innovative design makes hoeing that bit easier – you have to try it to believe it. The way it works is that the soil passes via the circle, so you don’t have to move this hoe much to get the job done.

The bottom of the Carrot Hoe is sharp – just like a typical hoe blade. The sides are not sharp – just like a typical hoe as well. 

The handle is 7.5 inches long. Overall length is 14.5 inches. The blade is 2.5 inches in diameter. 

The handle is beech hardwood. Total weight: 10.2 oz.


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