Best Petrol Lawn Scarifiers Reviews

Best Petrol Lawn Scarifiers – Very likely you’ll know exactly why a lawn scarifier is of benefit. If not, you can have a quick read of how to scarify a lawn


Otherwise, this article is all about the best petrol scarifier. Obviously, if you have a small lawn then a petrol scarifier is not necessary. You’ll likely benefit more from a lightweight and easily maintained electric lawn scarifier. If you do have a large-sized lawn, however, then a petrol-powered scarifier is surely the way to go.



Should an electric lawn scarifier be more beneficial to your needs (and electric scarifiers are cheaper than their petrol-driven counterparts), you may wish to read my comprehensive review of the best lawn scarifiers for the UK gardener


For gardeners in the US, here’s a review of the best lawn dethatchers with collection bags.


And, again for US gardeners, here’s my best electric lawn scarifier review.


Point to note is that if your lawn does have a lot of thatch and / or moss then it’s worth having a large bag such as a builder’s bag available. Otherwise, you’ll be back and forth emptying the scarifier’s collection box. 



Here’s a listing of the top 3 petrol lawn scarifiers for UK gardeners.


Yes, this review is for UK gardeners. Links up above are suited to scarifiers/ dethatchers for US gardeners. 


Incidentally, this post contains links to products. Please make the assumption that at least some of the links may result in earning commissions. Thank you.




Best petrol lawn scarifier for UK garden
What is the best petrol lawn scarifier?




Best Petrol Lawn Scarifiers for UK Gardeners

Best Petrol Scarifier – AL-KO 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1 Petrol Lawnrake/ Scarifier



Lawn Scarifier for UK gardens
AL-KO 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1 Petrol Lawnrake/ Scarifier



As is the case with most scarifiers these days, the AL-KO 38P has 2-in-1 functionality: it scarifies the lawn and it also rakes/ collects the soil cores. Hence, there’s no need to rake up after completing the job. That’s a major benefit – raking a large lawn after scarifying is back-breaking work. 


The AL-KO 38P has cassettes and a collection box included. The ‘cassette’ is the roller. With this scarifier, you can swap the scarifier roller with 3-stage steel blades to the lawn rake roller that has steel spring tines. Essentially, with the AL-KO 38P you get the advantage of complete lawn care in one machine.


And, of course, because it’s a petrol engine there are no electric cables which can be a pain. 


This scarifier has a height-adjustable handlebar. That makes it easier to use for the taller folks. Plus, the handle folds so the machine can be stored compactly. 


You can alter the working depth as well. There’s a 5-stage adjustment dial to alter working depth. 


The scarifying roller features 14 steel blades/ tines. 


Everything is included with the AL-KO 38P lawn scarifier. All you need to be up and running is some petrol and oil. SAE 30 lawnmower engine oil is a good one to use. 



Here’s some of the technical detail:


The AL-KO 38P scarifier weighs just 20 kg.


The blade is 38 cm in length. 


The scarifier body is silver and red while the collection box is black.


The fabric collection box has a 55-litre capacity.


The engine is 1300 watts. 





MTD Optima O38VO 38cm Thorx Engine Petrol Scarifier



best UK lawn scarifier - Best Petrol Lawn ScarifiersMTD Optima O38VO Petrol Scarifier



The MTD Optima O38VO petrol scarifier is a quiet-running machine and has a fuel-efficient 4-stroke OHV engine that is manufactured by MTD. 


It’s not exactly a lightweight machine, weighing in at 46 kg. Mind you, that’s still quite a bit lighter than the first scarifier I used way back in the day – a petrol-powered Ransoms.


The MTD has adjustable working depth to suit your lawn’s needs. 


The deck is made from steel so it’s plenty durable. The deck is red while the collection box is black. 


Roller width is approximately 60 cm.





Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier



UK lawn scarifier reviews - Best Petrol Lawn Scarifiers

Feider FST212 Petrol-Powered Lawn Scarifier



The Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier is, as the name may suggest to you, manufactured in Europe. 


The drum has 18 steel blades to tease out moss and thatch from your lawn. 


It’s powered by a 212cc air-cooled four-stroke OHV engine. In turn, the engine develops 3 horsepower. 


The fuel tank is 3.6 litre. 


Working width is 45cm and the collection box is 35 litre.


The Feider FST212 Petrol Lawn Scarifier has a total of eight preset working depths from -15mm to +5mm. Just select whichever working depth is most suited to the condition of your lawn. 


The housing is steel so you’ve got plenty of durability here. 


The soft-grip handle folds down which makes it easy to store away.


While the image above displays a bright orange livery, it’s actually dark grey in colour. 



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