Best Time to Plant Roses in Arizona


Best Time to Plant Roses in Arizona? In the Phoenix or Tucson area, plant your roses in late December or any time throughout all of January. 

If you’re in northern Arizona it’s wise to wait to plant roses until March or April. 

In the US all plants have a rating that determines a particular zone in which it grows best. In the Phoenix valley, it tends to vary between zones 8 and 9. Tucson is zone 9. Northern Arizona varies quite a bit. But, in general, northern Arizona is classed between zone 5 and 7. 



When to plant roses in Arizona
Sunrise over Monument Valley, Arizona

When to Plant Roses in Arizona


It’s best, for obvious reasons, to select roses that will do best in your particular zone classification. Roses in southern Arizona will require a higher resistance to heat than those selected for northern Arizona. 


When do you plant roses in Arizona

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