When should you plant roses in Ohio?

When to Plant Roses in Ohio – In Ohio, you can plant roses anytime between early spring and early fall. Typically, early plant is to be preferred. 

If you plant your roses in spring or in early summer you’ll have the luxury of time on your side in terms of the roots becoming well established. 

Otherwise, spring planting is more advantageous in that rose selection and quality is better then than it is later on in the season. 


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Roebling Suspension Bridge Connecting Cincinnati, Ohio to Northern Kentucky



Planting times for roses in Ohio also depends on the plants and how they are packaged. 

For bare-root roses plant them in early to mid-spring. That’s just before new shoots begin to develop. Early to mid-spring would normally mean late March through to early April But that might change because the soil may be too wet and unworkable. 

On the other hand, for container-grown roses in Ohio, these can be planted anytime between spring and early fall. 

If you are planting in spring do so after the frosts have passed on by. Typically that would be between late April and mid-May. 


When do I plant roses in Ohio


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