When do I plant roses in Houston?

When to Plant Roses in Houston – from late January through to late February it’s the ideal time to be planting roses in Houston, and in southern Texas in general. It’s still cold in late January in Houston but the majority of roses that are suited to the south Texas climate will do well enough providing it doesn’t get too cold. With the freaky weather we’re getting these days, who really knows if it will get too cold?

Actually, it’s certainly worth mentioning that bare-root roses should be planted at this time in Houston – between late January and late February. 



When to Plant Roses in Southern Texas
Dusk skyline over Houston, Texas




For container-grown roses, really, those can be planted at almost any time. Best to avoid mid-winter planting and mid-summer planting when the temperatures are either too low or soaringly high. Otherwise, for container-grown roses, you’re good to go with planting at any other time of the year. 

Why is, arguably so, the best time to plant roses in Houston in mid to late winter?

Some experts say that because the days are still comparatively short (fewer light hours than in summer) this helps plant roots to grow deeper into the soil. 

Once spring is upon us the energy that was being diverted to root growth is then diverted to the growth of foliage – of leaves – canes (stems), and flower buds. 

Obviously, you’ll want your roses to have a well-established root system. Not only does it provide the plants with a strong anchor but it also helps to provide the necessary water uptake and nutrients for healthy canes, foliage, and of course, those all-important blooms. 


When should you plant roses in Houston



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