When should you plant roses in north Texas? And how about Texas in general? When do you plant roses in Texas?


Really, what it comes down to is dormant rose bushes and their availability. It is also dependent on weather conditions. 

For the most part in Texas as a whole, rose plants in areas where commercial rose production occurs are only ready to lift from around mid-November through to early December. This is because it’s the time when roses are dormant in Texas.



Planting roses in north Texas
Planting roses in North Texas



If roses are lifted from the ground before then they’ll still be growing. A growing rose is not a rose that will be transplanted readily. Best wait until the plant is dormant. 

In north Texas, as is the case with most parts of the state, as soon as dormant rose bushes are available commercially that’s when they should be planted in your garden.

To the west of Texas and also in the Panhandle, plant your roses either in mid-February or later in the month.



There is an advantage to planting roses in late fall or in the early weeks of winter. The advantage is that prior to warmer weather arriving and prior to the foliage starting to grow, the roots can become relatively established within their new home (presumably that would be in your garden). 



If there are unfavorable weather conditions or if your new roses cannot be planted soon – like very soon – after purchase, it’s imperative that the roots are not permitted to dry out and that the roses are kept in a cool location.

Personally, because of a busy gardening schedule, I like to dig a trench for newly purchased roses – bare-root roses, that is – not container-grown roses. Container roses can be left in the container.

For bare-root roses, the trench will be around 10 inches deep. Soil conditions are nothing to worry about since it’s a temporary home. Simply make sure that the roots are well ‘entrenched’ in the trench and completely covered by soil. Water frequently if need be. 

Also, because you don’t want these new (bare-root) roses to be in sunshine (not until they are properly located and planted in your garden), keep them out of the sun as much as possible. 


When should I plant roses in north Texas

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