Pruning Roses in Georgia When Should I Prune Roses in Georgia? When is the best time for pruning roses in Georgia?


When to Prune Roses in Georgia – In Georgia cut back your shrub roses and bush roses (hybrid teas and floribundas) in spring a little before the growing season sets in. 


When to prune climbing roses in Georgia
When to prune roses in Georgia



Bush roses and shrub roses should be cut back sometime in February. For bush roses remove weakened canes. Aim to leave between four and six main canes. Ideally, each of these canes will have three (give or take) healthy shoots on each. The shoots will likely be between 6 and 12 inches in length. 

For climbing roses in Georgia, you’ll want to cut them back straight after the plants have flowered in spring. Any older canes that produced the flowers remove them. This will permit new canes to come through. The new canes will produce the coming year’s blooms. 

For climbing roses, it only takes five or six sturdy canes to get a beautiful show of flowers. 

For miniature roses in Georgia, you’ll want to prune either in late winter or in early spring, just before the new growth sets in. 

Miniature roses don’t need to be hard pruned. Rather, take out any broken and dead wood. Then, in order to keep the plant in shape, cut back around a third of the entire rose bush. This will also help to encourage fresh growth.


When should you prune roses in Georgia


Pruning Roses in Georgia – Use the Right Tools for Pruning

Successful pruning of roses comes down to using the right tool or tools for the task at hand. Best to use bypass pruners/secateurs. Don’t use anvil type since anvil pruners tend to squeeze the wood and the cut is not always clean.

If you don’t already own a pair of bypass pruners, you can get a decent pair for around $25.

The Gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002) are excellent though they come with a somewhat higher price tag than $25. Check those out on Amazon.

TABOR TOOLS S821A Bypass Pruning Shears are also really good and these pruners are currently very keenly priced at below $20. Check those out on Amazon.

Please note that if you decide to purchase via either link above, I will receive a small commission. Thanks!


Know the Variety of Rose

If it’s a rose that flowers over and over throughout the season, prune it hard back. Among the longest blooming roses are the floribundas. That’s because they, depending on which cultivar it is, can bloom from early spring until the end of fall on a repeated basis. ‘Iceberg’ is a good example of this.

On the other hand, if there’s only a single bloom over the period of a year, thinks Lady Banks (Rosa banksiae) and the climber, Queen Elizabeth, then it’s wise to do little pruning.

Why so? Why little pruning?

Well, it’s because this type of rose blooms on old wood. So you don’t want to be chopping out chunks of your bush at any point in time because in all likelihood you’d be chopping out chunks of wood that would potentially bloom.

What to do with the single-blooming roses? After the springtime bloom, simply shorten the canes of these roses by around a third. But do also completely remove dead or dying branches if there are any.


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