Take your choice – bare-root roses or container-grown roses. Both of them can be planted in the spring. Bare-root roses should be planted in spring. Container-grown roses can be planted anytime during the growing season. If you do plant in the spring you might be fortunate (very fortunate in the case of bare-root roses) to be enjoying flowers come summer. 



Planting roses in zone 6
When should I plant roses in zone 6?




The Best Time for Planting Roses is Determined by Your Zone

And in zone 6, the final date for frost is early to mid-April (April 1 through April 15). The first date for frost in the fall in zone 6 is mid-October through the end of October (October 15 through October 30, to be more precise).


Tips for Planting Roses by Zone

Don’t plant roses (particularly bare-root roses) until any danger of frost is gone.

Plant roses when the soil is easy to work and has warmed up. This will likely be at end of April in zone 6.

Don’t try to work the soil if it’s either frozen or it’s too wet. Working the soil when the conditions are not appropriate damages the structure of the soil. Best to be patient for a while longer.


what month do I plant roses in Zone 6


Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay


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