This rectangle trampoline – the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline is among the very best outdoor trampolines available for sale in the U.K. and is in direct competition to the top trampoline – the Kanga.


Rectangle trampoline – Ultima 5 rectangular trampoline

Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline



You can read the Kanga Trampoline review at your leisure.

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Back to the Zero Gravity…

The Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline is the updated model – updated on its predecessor – the Ultima 4. 

The Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline comes in three different sizes: 10ft x 7ft (3.0 x 2.1m); 12ft x 8ft (3.7 x 2.4m); 15ft x 10ft (4.6 x 3.0m). 

The Zero Gravity Trampoline has a similar array of safety regulations under its belt as does the Kanga. That’s inclusive of EN71.

EN71 regulation means that trampoline manufacturers are only permitted to quote single-user maximum weights for trampolines. In essence, the Zero Gravity, as well as the Kanga, have been stress tested to much higher weights than those given (I believe it’s up to 500kg). 

However, officially, the trampoline has a max weight limit of between 100kg (15.75 stone) and 130kg (20.47 stone) depending on which size of trampoline we’re talking about.

The new shape – rectangular barrel – supersedes the previous round shape of all Zero Gravity Trampolines that have gone before. What’s the improvement with respect to this new rectangular barrel shape?

The rectangular barrel shape caters to a far better bounce than round trampolines. And, that said, the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline isn’t for the younger-aged children like most other outdoor garden trampolines. Minimum age recommendation for the Ultima 5 is 6 years of age and upwards. 

This one is for the more experienced trampolinist – someone that wants to upgrade on their round trampoline. Someone that wishes to improve their current trampolining skills.

Every Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline features a safety enclosure. And it’s a state of the art enclosure, too.

The netting is located right at the very edge of the jumping surface. The springs are to the outside of the netting. The netting is given support by arced-shaped uprights. This helps to improve overall safety.

Then, there’s a wired top ring. This top ring retains the structure and shape of the netting.

The upper surface of the safety padding is PVC. It’s not polyethylene. PVC is costlier than polyethylene (PE) and it looks better. Plus PVC doesn’t fade and disintegrate in UV light (sunshine).

With all Zero Gravity Trampolines user safety is of paramount importance – as it should be with every trampoline, but it’s not. Inside the padding – the PVC padding around the exterior of the bounce mat – is EPE foam that is 20mm thick. 

The design is nicely colourful – blue and yellow – same as the Zero Gravity brand. 

The enclosure secures to the mat – the part you bounce on. Unlike traditional trampoline models, the enclosure does not attach to the frame. 

Zero Gravity states that they worked for a full two years to create the unique barrel rectangular design. And, as mentioned, with this design you get a better bounce, and you also get a larger-sized jump mat. 

The legs, which have an inverted angle, ensure that the trampoline doesn’t move around when it’s being used. 

It’s just as well this trampoline doesn’t move around since when trampolines are a bit mobile when in use the frame and structure can weaken. In turn, this could lead to collapse – not something you’d ever want to occur. 

To gain entrance to the central mat, there’s a zip entranceway in the exterior netting.



Review of Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline
Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline review




Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline Pros and Cons


  • Though the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 is not cheap it’s relatively cheap for a rectangular trampoline. 
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Suitable for adults as well as children aged 6+.
  • Bounce mat is a thick 20mm. 
  • Five inner-curving legs distribute weight and give the trampoline more rigidity.
  • All necessary tools included. 
  • Build and safety guide included.


  • Not suited to children aged below 6 years. 
  • Trampoline cover is not yet available (but will be soon).



Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline FAQS


Question: Is the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline recommended for use by an experienced gymnast?

Answer: For the more experienced gymnast the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 could be used but it would need to be the largest available size – 15 x 10 foot. This is because the given sizes refer to the exterior frame size as opposed to the bounce surface size.

Furthermore, this trampoline is designed for outdoor use. That means the bounce style is somewhat different to that of a professional indoor trampoline. 


Question: What size of clearance is required around the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline for it to fit in your garden comfortably?

Answer: Between one and two metres’ clearance is ideal. 


Question: What height is the jumping mat/ pad from the ground?

Answer: Obviously, the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline comes in three different sizes. So the height varies accordingly. Here are the stats for each size of trampoline:

10ft x 7ft jumping surface – 80cm above ground
12ft x 8ft jumping surface – 90cm above ground
15ft x 10ft jumping surface – 100cm above ground


Question: How long do the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel trampolines take to assemble?

Answer: With two people (at least) to assemble, it should take around two-three hours.


Question: Why is the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 not suited to children below the age of 6 years?

Answer: Simply due to the height of the trampoline/s above ground level. 


Question: Can the Ultima 5 Trampoline be installed without the netting?

Answer: Yes. Problem is that if there’s no netting, because it’s quite a height off ground level, if the trampolinist were to come off it could be a nasty landing. 


Question: If there are strong winds is it necessary to collapse the trampoline’s net to stop it blowing away?

Answer: Very likely not because the trampoline is heavy and plenty sturdy enough to be going nowhere. However, there is a Trampoline Tie-Down Anchor Kit to keep the trampoline fixed to the ground. You can use the pegs for further assurance. The Kit is sold separately. 


Question: What tools are needed to assemble the trampoline?

Answer: All the necessary tools are included with the trampoline. 


Question: How thick is the frame?

Answer: It’s almost as thick as the typical scaffolding pole. Much thicker than all of the previous Zero Gravity Trampoline frames. 


Question: My garden is slightly sloping. Would the Ultima 5 Trampoline still be suitable on sloping ground? Is there any way to adjust the legs for sloping ground?

Answer: Unfortunately not. The Ultima 5 Trampoline must be established on a flat surface. 


Question: Can the Trampoline be placed on a hard surface such as concrete slabs?

Answer: Yes. But please place some cushioned playground tiles below the legs and at the trampoline’s entrance for added safety. These mats should do the trick…

Safety mats for outdoors and indoors
Outdoor cushioning safety mats

Cushioning safety mats – ideal for outer area of trampoline


Question: Can the zip entrance in the netting be located anywhere or is it in a fixed location?

Answer: No, the zip entrance is stationary. 


Question: Does the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline come with a ladder?

Answer: Yes, the ladder is supplied. 


Image by Schanin from Pixabay

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